Dr. Bj Moore has enjoyed a long career teaching people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders and high school students. Her objective is to inspire, motivate, challenge and empower teachers, professors, corporate clients, students and truth seekers to use their innate gifts to transform their lives and sharpen their awareness.

Dr. Bj understands very well the dire need for successful people to invest in themselves and keep a positive mental attitude. Her passion for conscious evolution and the need for life visioning is present in all of her speeches, workshops, presentations and classes.  Dr. Bj often says:  “The mind is a wild thing and must be tamed and trained and the way to control the mind is through constant practice of thinking positive and daily meditation practice.

In addition to a lengthy career in Education Bj is the Founder and CEO of Toltec Properties, a real estate brokerage established on the spiritual principles of the ancient Toltecs, who were known as “men and women of Knowledge.”

Dr. Bj practices these four principles in her business model and in her relationships with clients, partners, and any persons with whom she comes in contact during the course of business. The four agreements are:

  • Be impeccable in your word. Don’t take anything personal. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.

Dr. Bj Moore is an innovative leader with strong communication skills and an outstanding aptitude for developing collaborative partners.  She is an effective public speaker, who is comfortable in political environments, in addition,   she is a talented leader with an infectious smile and an engaging, magnetic personality.

Having lived in Spain and immersing herself in the local community for nearly four years, Bj experienced the rich culture of the Spaniards and developed a healthy appreciation for the local European ethos and learned to speak Spanish fluently while there.

Lifelong Learner

  • Doctor of Philosophy – University of Sedona, AZ
  • Master of Arts, Educational Administration – Cal State Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  • Bachelor of Art English – Minor in Spanish – University of Texas, Arlington, TX
  • Bachelor of Science – Metaphysical Studies – University of Metaphysics, AZ
  • Master of Science – Metaphysical Science – University of Metaphysics, AZ
  • Ordained Minister
  • Real Estate Broker’s Training- Allied University
  • Real Estate Training Courses – Robert Kiyosaki
  • Real Estate Training – Armando Montelongo ( Master Mentor)
  • Big Money Speaker Training Seminar – James Malingchak
  • Les Brown Speaker Training – Member of Les Brown Platinum Speakers

Professional Experience

  • Collaborated with school site teams to implement programs to improve student scores.
  • Planning for improvement of student test scores, digital high school planning and site improvement.
  • Participated as a public speaker for the Gore Campaign, traveling throughout the Phoenix, Arizona
  • Conducted market research and developed marketing plans for real estate and international trade companies.
  • Served on business development and public relations committees for the Democratic National Committee.
  • Served as trustee on several Trustee Boards
  • Grant Writer, Budget Administrator and Program Developer.

Client companies include…

  • ACmoore Financial Services
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Locke High School
  • Wilson High School
  • Seattle Public School
  • National Alliance of Black Entrepreneurs
  • Angels for Sight
  • Bay Area Black Expo