The Mind

The mind is a wild thing! It must be tamed and controlled. Have you noticed that the mind goes everywhere, thinking about all kinds of things? It visits the past and works with future thoughts about what could happen. It prevents the ability to let the past go to concentrate on the now. The past and the future are thieves of the mind.  They rob you of precious moments of peace and tranquility while focusing on the present. The most important thing is to create a space for the mind to hang around in the present.  Because it is wild it must be disciplined. The only way to control the mind is through meditation! Train it to concentrate on the now. Although the moments of nowness are fleeting, we must tame the mind to hear and develop our intuition. Meditation is the perfect time to listen to the intuitive mind and gather ideas.

The key to controlling the mind and raising the consciousness is frequent meditation. It is a good idea to begin the day with Meditation. It will lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and improve memory. One of my favorite reasons for beginning my day with meditation is the knowledge that it improves cardiovascular and immune health,  in addition to increasing problem-solving skills and clear cognition.  


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