Prosperity Prayer

Prosperity is yours as this prayer declares. Praying from the Affirmative aligns you with the good of the Universe and opens your heart and mind to allow the blessings that you so desire (de = of, sire = creator). Your deepest desires for success and prosperity in your life being an original idea in the mind of the Creator. You are here to live in the fullness and the power of all good, which includes having prosperity, opulence, and money in your experience. This video is a compilation of images and music produced by Dr. Diva Verdun and Dr. bj Moore that have been brought together to provide you with a visual concept of affirmative prayer and the richness of how it is activated in your experience simply based on your standing in agreement with the Law of the Universe for All Good, which is your very birthright.

Congratulations to all who witness this prayer! Expand yourself to include prosperity and claim it.

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